A new strategy

In 2015 we defined a new strategy, launched with the aim of becoming the leading insurance group in Europe. Our goal is to be simpler and smarter, providing straightforward and efficient solutions that allow us to meet the real needs of our clients.


Fast, lean and agile

We will be more efficient in order to maintain a competitive cost position and help fund our transformation.


Retail leader in Europe

This ambition fits our footprint and our DNA; it is based on our core strengths (for example broad private client base, strong market position in key markets and well-organized, extensive distribution). By pursuing this goal we will also improve our ability to generate and manage cash to finance the investments needed for our transformation.


Simpler and smarter

We aim at being simpler and smarter with new products for consumers that are easy to understand and use, connected, personalized and modular. We will also pursue this objective through business innovation (for example collaborating with external suppliers) and investing in the acquisition of new capabilities such as advanced data analytics.


A high level of engagement and empowerment to spark success for the company

We are committed to engaging our people and empowering them by fostering a new mind-set and cultural shift, ensuring good leadership and talent management, and encouraging the culture of simplicity. A high level of engagement and empowerment of our people will help us to accomplish our strategy.

A responsibility to think long term

Being a leader means taking a long-term view, listening to our stakeholders and focusing on tangible issues through projects and actions that are able to take advantage of the resources, know-how and relations that a group like Generali is able to vaunt. For us, the creation of value must necessarily be a responsible and a long-term process. Our leadership is closely related to the well-being of our stakeholders and our ability to contribute to growth and prosperity of the communities we serve.

Responsibility for stakeholders

Thanks also to the involvement of our stakeholders, materiality analysis has enabled us to identify a number of relevant issues about which we are committed to developing concrete actions and consistent initiatives. The identified issues are the result of an analysis of the scenario, the companies of the insurance sector or other sectors with relevant experience in the area of corporate responsibility, and the dialogue with the Generali top management and, since 2015, also with a number of external stakeholders, chosen for their authority and knowledge of the insurance sector or for their ability to provide original and innovative perspectives.

The result of the analysis process is reflected in the positioning of the issues, more information on which are provided in the document.