Media and us: communications and dialogue

We interact with the media every day, seeking to develop a dialogue based on transparency and honesty.

We are aware that we represent a valuable - and closely observed - source of news, particularly financial and business news. We therefore pay close attention to the procedures for divulging information relating to the Group, particularly price sensitive information. At the same time, we also periodically organise meetings and briefings with relevant journalists, often involving our top management.

In 2015 the media coverage of Generali focused on the results we achieved thanks to the turnaround and sought to promote the Group’s business, giving visibility to all our business areas, in line with the new strategies unveiled during Investor Day in May. In particular, issues relating to innovation, telematics and our expertise in the risk management of natural disasters were spotlighted.

Visibility was also given to our top managers, who were able to directly explain the industrial and strategic changes, and the activities of the Group Academy, in particular its role in the cultural transformation and training of Generali’s leadership. Specific emphasis was placed on our initiatives for the community in the areas of culture, the arts, sport and scientific research.

The sentiment of the articles, evaluated by a third-party provider, was positive in all major areas of interest.

In August 2015 the new corporate website went online with a more agile and modern layout, a marked focus on the visual aspect, a wide range of content on issues of international interest, and a specific focus on the most interesting Group news. This new content fits perfectly with both the existing Group Head Office social media (Youtube, Flickr, Slideshare and LinkedIn) and those currently under consideration (Twitter and Instagram). It is important to recall that through our companies in France and Italy we have been active for some time in this area, where interactivity makes it possible to dialogue with our clients and other stakeholders. Finally, new guidelines have been introduced for the entire Group, both for websites and the social media, with the aim of harmonising and streamlining the digital ecosystem.

Generali among the 50 smartest companies on the planet

Innovvating in order to grow

In 2015 MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology) Technology Review, one of the world’s most influential technology publications, included Generali in its list of the 50 smartest companies on the planet. The only company from the insurance sector and the first Italian company to be included on the list, Assicurazioni Generali came higher than IBM, Microsoft and Uber among others thanks to its innovative range of insurance solutions based on data analytics and capable of improving the health and well-being of its clients. This acknowledgment confirms our positioning based on a simpler and smarter business model characterised by the intensive use of technologies and products and services tailored to the needs and experience of the consumer.