The strategy for our people

Our People Strategy is founded on four priorities:

  • promote engagement and empowerment
  • strengthen our leadership and talents
  • build an agile organisation and new capabilities
  • shift mindset toward customer centricity.

Promote engagement and empowerment

At Generali it is fundamental to promote the engagement and empowerment of people so they can make informed decisions, demonstrate their leadership and better fulfil the needs of our clients.

The Global Engagement Survey, diversity & inclusion activities and performance management move in this direction.

Generali Global Engagement Survey: Have Your Say

In 2015 we launched the first Global Engagement Survey, in collaboration with an independent external consultant, involving leaders and managers with the aim of assessing internal levels of engagement and awareness with regard to the Group’s goals and people’s roles in contributing to their achievement.


Our journey towards diversity & inclusion

Constructing and supporting a diversified and inclusive organisation is becoming increasingly important for developing innovative products and services, interpreting and understanding the decisions and behaviour of clients. Taking our inspiration from international best practices, our ambition is to develop a culture that celebrates different ways of thinking, particularly as a result of generational, gender and geographical differences. Our diversity & inclusion programmes seek to raise awareness and sensitivity around issues that will increasingly become the subject of debate and new expertise, in a context aided by digitalisation. For this reason we are reviewing our internal personnel management processesDiversity and inclusion
as a source of wealth.
and launching systems and pilot projects that can make our working environment flexible in the face of different needs, for example with the introduction of smartworking.

Performance management

Feedback is crucial for the development process and a useful tool for improving people’s understanding of their abilities and strengths, and their interaction with their group. We are working to create a ‘culture of feedback’ through a performance management system that promotes constructive dialogue between managers and their people with the goal of having a regular performance feedback system for 100% of employees by 2018.

% employees

Strengthen our leadership and talents

Training has always been a priority and involved all of the Group’s employees. We are particularly keen on developing our leaders and allowing our most talented employees to emerge in a meritocratic environment in which enterprise and growth are encouraged. More specifically, the Group Academy, responsible for designing career paths and training programmes at Group level, is focused on the growth of our leaders and investing in improving their skills and expertise through a training package based on international programmes at corporate level.

In order to develop our talents we have established succession plans for key roles in the Group, guaranteeing that future leaders take all of the necessary steps to reach a senior position. We believe it is possible to identify and develop talent at every level of the company, to guarantee a sustainable line of succession, through correct development and career progression. To this end we offer various programmes:

  • Global Leadership Programs, global training programmes aimed at promoting strategic thought and leadership skills, providing participants with different managerial tools and accelerating the transition from manager to leader
  • Global Graduate Program, a Group initiative to promote cultural change, to develop Generali’s international reputation as a top employer, and to guarantee the leadership continuity line with 20 young international talents who take part in an 18-month development path composed of 3 international/departmental job rotations and a master’s course in Insurance Management
  • Technical and Managerial Education, which includes programmes designed to support managers, middle-managers and professionals, providing practical training programmes aimed at developing and practicing managerial and across-the-board skills. We strive to promote a common culture with regard to the insurance business, facilitating the alignment of approaches, metrics and languages, providing the necessary fundamental technical skills to make a difference in the global market.

around 300 people involved so far in international mobility programmes in 35 different countries

To further support the development of our people, we have provided more opportunities for international mobility: employees can transfer their skills to the other Group companies and enjoy new experiences. Asia, Brazil, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Germany, France and the Global Business Lines are particularly active in encouraging mobility.

Global Leadership Program - Step Up to guide our transformation

Developed in association with the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) Business School, the cluster of the Global Leadership Program has been enriched with Step Up, a new initiative launched in 2015 - it will continue in 2016 - and addressed to around 80 senior managers of 16 nationalities. Moderated by international Business Schools, the course is based on the self-analysis of one’s leadership style and aims at providing tools for developing individual and group skills, involving and empowering teams, increasing participants’ awareness of their role as a leader, improving their performance and their ability to lead a team, and implementing our new leader-centric strategy. The Transformational Leadership Framework is a tool that emphasises the importance of trust, motivation, intellectual stimulation and personal development, and is defined as a process that transforms people, concentrating on the emotive aspects of leadership. Learning takes place through a variety of methods ranging from particularly innovative case studies to personal experience. One of the keys to the success of the programme is the work carried out with trainers through individual and group sessions.

20 young talents now with us at Generali

2,550 candidates
from 79 countries
20 talents
selected from 15 countries
40% women

average age of 25

In September 2015 the first edition of the international biennial Global Graduate Programme - Lead our Future Shape our Change - was launched at the Group Head Office in Trieste with the aim of developing new talent and immediately exposing them to an international experience. The 20 new young employees, involved in international job rotation programmes in the first 18 months, all boast a brilliant academic background in economics, business or finance, an excellent grasp of English and at least one other language, strong motivation and a willingness to work in an international setting. The young men and women will also attend a master’s course in Insurance Management, at the end of which they will join the Group on an active basis.

Build an agile organisation and new capabilities

We believe that to face up to modern-day challenges we must be agile and develop new skills and expertise. For this reason we have invested in departments and projects like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), data analytics and digital.

In the area of human resources we are already innovating, reviewing and simplifying our processes to promote a true performance management culture, attract and retain talent, and encourage mobility at international level. We have developed a global IT platform that makes it possible to simplify processes. Currently 1,500 people are online and the platform will later be extended to the entire company population in line with international best practices.

Shift mindset toward customer centricity

Meeting the needs of our clients means listening to their feedback and using it to create an organisation that works in the most simple and smart way possible to maintain its promises. This means building a team that is ready, willing and able to work in this way. In 2015 we introduced this client-centric focus to our main human resources processes, beginning with global initiatives ranging from the definition of management goals to onboarding for new hires, the strengthening of the customer focus among leaders, and the development of talent. The projects aimed at redefining expertise, increasing awareness of the client and aligning the recognition of performance will continue in 2016.

In 2015 we began telling the stories of the Client Heroes on the Group portal to give perfect visibility to those that have done something special for clients, going beyond their regular role to really make a difference.