Innovation as a driver of change in the relations with employees

For our Group innovating is not just a commitment to our clients but also a lever of change in the relationships with our employees. We want our people to remain an integral part of our development, not just in their regular working activities but also in the creation of innovative solutions. We have developed initiatives aimed at engaging employees with regard to strategic issues in order to stimulate their creativity, develop their personal skills, and integrate and improve collaboration between different professional roles.

24 hours of non-stop innovation

In Italy, employees of Generali Italia, Alleanza Assicurazioni, Genertel e Genertellife were involved in the Progetto Futura hackathon. 20 cross-functional teams faced off for 24 hours to find digital solutions in four areas of strategic importance for the Group, in line with the 2016-2018 business plan.

over 700 employees
took parti in the
selection process
120 selected

The event was designed and carried out in association with venture capitalist and incubator H (human)-Farm. Thanks to this partnership, during the marathon participants were able to speak directly with tutors from leading companies in the digital and retail sector such as Amazon, Samsung and Google. With this project an innovative methodology was experimented, that promotes its people’s ability to come up with new ideas and which makes it possible to take an inclusive approach to change through sharing and dialogue.

Hackathon is a marathon of ideas that in a very short space of time seeks to explore and implement new business solutions

To foster and develop the skills and the team spirit of all those that work in the CFO area, we have developed a number of projects with the aim of improving economic and financial information and making our Group’s results more transparent and comprehensible. These process and model innovation initiatives are designed to develop intellectual and relational capital, integrating the need to respect and acknowledge international regulations with the expertise and professionalism of our people.

Group CFO Area on International Experience

150 people involved in an area comprising around 2 thosands employees

Group CFO Area on International Experience is a programme that promotes the exchange of skills and the enrichment of professional training through temporary professional experiences in Group companies. With the aim of unearthing talent and creating a team of internal specialists, the programme is consistent with the Group’s values and strategy, fostering the promotion and integration of the people involved. Specific goals and projects are assigned to each colleague that participates in the experience. At the end of the experience a report is drafted both to improve any areas of organisational weakness and, above all, to share and disseminate the knowledge acquired..

Group CultureEcò

We believe that it is essential to spread the economic and financial culture among all our employees. To best implement the Group strategy, knowledge of the markets in which we operate is fundamental, as are insurance expertise and a clear vision of one’s contribution to the development of the business and value creation. Group CulturEcò comprises various instruments, already in use, five of which can be easily extended to everyone: an e-learning session supplemented with very short videos on the main business indicators, a webcast with the annual results, a 4-monthly publication on the company intranets, a little leaflet on the Key Figures and an annual publication that provides unambiguous information for both the company and the outside world entitled Facts & Figures. A process for the gamification of the project, which is proving very popular in France, is underway. The project will also be developed in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and is at the incubation phase in the other European countries.

Gamification is a series of rules aiming to apply typical elements of game playing to activities not directly connected with games

Cellules créatives

In France, Cellules créatives, an initiative designed to create internal think tanks to foster the development of creative ideas and involve employees in the innovation process, was launched in December 2014. Using Swyng, an internal collaboration platform, it is possible to propose ideas which are then assessed and potentially entrusted to a sponsor, generally a top manager. If the sponsor believes the idea to be valid, a 12-person team is created to work on the project for a maximum of three months. Following the approval of the sponsor, the project may evolve into a POC (proof of concept).

Digitalisation and innovation at Generali France

Fifteen digital workshops were held between September and December 2015. The themes explored during the meetings included IT security and protection, Internet of Things, new digital occupations, the collaborative economy, virtual reality, start-ups, new payment methods, electronic signature, Generali apps, hackathons, big data and connectivity. Employees with particular interests or opinions on these issues acted as the speakers and discussion leaders at the 30-minute workshops attended by 15 of their colleagues.

Hub: Think Future, Play with Innovation

20  innovation showcases

Participants at the most recent Global Leadership Group (GLG) meeting, held in Vienna in November 2015, were able to access The Hub, a physical space designed to enable visitors to immerse themselves in an interactive environment and to get familiar with and experience a number of innovative projects under development. Think Future, Play with Innovation was the theme that transformed the dedicated area into a place of sharing and exchange between members of the GLG, and of interaction with digital technology. In order to tangibly implement the simpler and smarter strategy, the space was set up creating a route lined with instruments, images, apps, videos and storyboards. Strategy, Innovation, Data, Premises & Facility, Information Systems, Communication, Insurance and Reinsurance all took part. The Hub was also a chance for those that work directly on the projects presented to interact with all participants and get direct internal feedback on their ongoing activities.