Innovation as a driver of change in the relations with the community

The phenomenon of urban transformation is one of the biggest themes of globalisation. Driven by the pervasiveness of new technologies, by new social, entrepreneurial and mobility requirements, it requires us to rethink spaces and infrastructure in order to develop innovative solutions for citizens, businesses and institutions.

Social innovators at Ashoka

For a number of years, Europ Assistance has been supporting Ashoka, the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs.

In Canada, we support Tyze, an entrepreneur who uses cloud computing to bring together people with health problems, families, caregivers and medical professionals.

In Spain, we support Jordi Marti, who has developed a breakthrough technology for the diagnosis and prevention of diseases through blood tests. This service is offered at affordable prices to poor and disadvantaged communities who do not have access to normal health services. By processing all collected data, it also aims to offer a detailed analysis of the problem to policy makers.

In the United States, we support Josh Nesbit who has transformed the typically decentralized rural public health system by reinventing the local health worker's role through the use of simple and intelligent solutions provided through mobile phones.

Cloud computing is a technology that allows people to use software and hardware resources via remote servers, which is offered as a service to third parties


Of particular note among the innovation initiatives developed by Generali in France is BeeoTop, a co-working space, promoting economic and social innovation and exchange of ideas. Following the idea to renovate a building owned by Generali, BeeoTop was borne in 2012. The organisations today present at BeeoTop include businesses, start-ups, social enterprises and associations of various types that contribute to creating fertile ground for social and economic innovation thanks also to the sharing of spaces, common programmes, effective internal and external communication, and collaborative events organised by Generali.

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