Innovating in order to grow

We believe that the capability to innovate is the key to success in the long-term, helping us to identify the most important corporate responsibility issues. We are also convinced that innovative processes are triggered by engagement and dialogue with external and internal stakeholders.

In 2015 the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) included Generali on its list of the 50 smartest companies on the planet. This is an important acknowledgment that highlights our ability to drive innovation through an attentive and systematic strategy of market research and international partnerships.

Our innovation path is closely related to the strategy that we have adopted and is based on three main approaches:

  • crowd sourcing innovation
  • incubation and collaboration with start-ups
  • innovation through partnerships.

Crowd sourcing innovation

To ensure we are always ready to manage new challenges and transform them into opportunities, we are committed to developing initiatives targeted at the outside world to identify new ideas and projects that allow us to meet and fulfil the needs of our clients.

Generali Innovation Challenge

In 2015, together with Microsoft we organised the first Generali Innovation Challenge, an ambitious international project dedicated to the identification and promotion of talent and innovative start-ups that are able to meet the new business challenges in the insurance sector. Developed following a call for ideas dedicated to start-ups, the initiative proved very popular.

over 700 start-ups
used the Generali
Innovation Challenge
platforrm in 1 month
40 projects
6 start-up
to the final session
on pitching day

The jury, made up of representatives of Generali, Microsoft and United Ventures (Italian venture capital fund), awarded first prize to Italian company Authometion Srl for its LYT Sonic project, designed to make houses safer and reduce burglaries thanks to a combination of a LED light and infrasound technology, which makes it possible to detect movement over an area of 150 m2. The device is cheaper and simpler than traditional domestic burglar alarm systems. LYT Sonic will receive the support of Generali and Microsoft for the development of the business plan and to identify and contact potential backers.

Incubation and collaboration with start-ups

We keep a constant eye on new businesses in order to identify start-ups with which we can collaborate or in which we can invest.

The acquisition of MyDrive Solutions, a London-based start-up specialised in behavioural profiling, is an important step in the implementation of our new strategy focused on the client centricity and the broad use of innovative technologies and analysis tools. Thanks to this new expertise, we want to become the best choice for connectivity and innovation, improving our operating platform and developing bespoke ‘intelligent’ products for our clients. The data made available by black boxes and smartphones, and processed by predictive algorithms, enables us to assess driving styles in order to personalise products and promote safe driving behaviour. The new telematics hub will also expand the analysis to other sectors, from fraud prevention to client segmentation, facilitating the creation of infra-group synergies and increasing the range of available products for our clients.

Services in a click

In 2015 we concluded an agreement with Obi Worldphones, a start-up whose co-founder is John Sculley, former CEO of Apple. The goal is to operate in the dynamic and fast-developing mobile telephony sector in numerous countries, accessing young consumers with cuttingedge devices at low prices. This partnership will allow us to increase the number of services we provide our clients via smartphones. The Generali app will appear on the main screen of Obi phones, offering innovative services to all consumers. The applications will be developed on the basis of the specific characteristics of individual countries and offered to clients in the markets in which Obi and we operate, beginning with Turkey, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates, with the aim of reaching 20 countries by 2017.

Innovation through partnerships

Promoting partnerships with global organisations enables us to devise innovative solutions, exploring sectors different from our own so we can respond to the new requirements deriving from the changes.


In order to promote well-being and healthy lifestyles, in 2014 we launched a partnership with Discovery Insurance, the market leader in South Africa and a pioneer in the design of these types of programmes. Thanks to this partnership we are working on the Vitality programme, which will promote the improvement of habits and a healthier lifestyle according to personalised schedules and price incentives. As well as having a positive impact on the health of our clients, prevention programmes like Vitality also have the potential to generate value for public services, reducing the number of requests for assistance and care services.

Vitality programme