Our voice in the general meetings

The exercise of voting rights in the general meetings in which we participate enables us to support or promote proposals for the dissemination of best practices in the area of governance, business ethics, social cohesion and environmental protection. We want to encourage the managers of the companies in which we invest to consider these issues in their activities.

Our voice in the general meetingsOur Group Voting Policy defines the Group's position with regard to the fair treatment of shareholders' rights, anti-takeover mechanisms, sustainability in the composition of the board (in terms of diversity, independence etc.), transparency and the quality of financial disclosures, in addition to the inclusion of ESG variables in the remuneration policies of managers. There are also clear indications with regard to voting against activities that are not in line with the Group's ethical principles.

In 2015, Generali Investments Europe voted in 243 general meetings for a total of over 3,300 resolutions, expressing a negative opinion in 24% of cases, demonstrating its constant attention to social responsibility issues and with the goal of encouraging greater levels of awareness in corporate management.