Commitment to the climate

The COP21 in Paris outlined the need for the active involvement of the private sectorin order to respect global climate change commitments, particularly with regard to limiting the increase of the temperature and the transition towards alternative energies to coal and fossil fuels.

The environment, towards a low carbon society In the last few months of 2015 we set up a working group to devise the most appropriate way of evaluating the carbon footprint of our financial portfolios and the related carbon risk, with the aim of reducing our exposure to carbon-intensive securities (mainly companies that extract and produce coal and fossil fuels) through disinvestment activities and changes in the allocations of the portfolios. We are also considering allocating part of our private equity capital to investments in renewable energies.

Tera Neva: a sustainable investment by Generali France

Following the Paris agreement on climate change (COP21) and the passing of a national law on the energy transition (Loi de transition énergétique), Generali France invested € 10 million in a sustainable investment product, Tera Neva, with the aim of aligning its financial goals with the goal of improving the environment.

Tera Neva is an equity-linked bond issued by the European Investment Bank designed to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The return on investment is linked with the performance of the Ethical Europe Climate Care Index, which includes 30 listed European companies selected on the basis of financial and sustainability criteria.