Involving suppliers

42,000 suppliers*

We operate in a complex global context where it is essential to create lasting and mutually satisfying relationships with expert partners in order to maintain the high quality of the products and services we provide. Among our partners we pay great attention to suppliers, we identify and select them on the basis of the principles of free competition, transparency and product and service quality, as set out in the Code of Conduct.

€ 2,3 m spent*

In the Ethical Code for suppliers of the Generali Group we have defined how the risks and opportunities related to the relationships with our partners should be managed in order to ensure their integrity in accordance with the Group’s principles regarding human and labour rights, the fight against corruption and respect for the environment. We ask our suppliers to align their business practices with the Group policies and to ensure compliance also at all levels of their respective supply chains.

In support of the commitment set out in the Code of Conduct, we have also defined and published a specific code of conduct applicable to all employees who manage relationships with suppliers pertaining to the procurement of goods and services, and a policy for outsourcing activities.

Dialogue with those that work for us

To improve transparency and communications with our suppliers, in 2015 we created new channels for communications relating to supplies of goods and services and for providing specific indications regarding the reporting of violations or suspected violations for incorrect procurement practices.

Suppliers now have a dedicated channel they can use to contact the Group Procurement department directly for information on the supplier registration and qualification process and on purchase procedures, to propose suggestions and to submit requests regarding specific current supplies.

It is also possible to directly contact the Group Compliance department for all allegations relating to supply activities and their management. Suppliers can notify us of practices or conduct regarding purchases which, in good faith, can be considered inappropriate or contrary to the law, the Code of Conduct or other company regulations or internal policies by post or through the dedicated website

Selecting partners according to the right criteria

The process of identifying and selecting suppliers takes place at international level through clear and non-discriminatory procedures which only use objective, documented and transparent parameters. In the main countries in which we
operate, accreditation takes place through an IT platform (Supplier Portal) where suppliers can insert their company details and view and sign the Generali Group documents.

Suppliers are asked to fill out questionnaires so their credentials can be verified. We attribute a qualification value to every supplier on the Portal and, if necessary, an assessment based on service and quality indices which determine
whether they are included on or excluded from the list. Suppliers that qualify according to these standards can participate in procurement processes and be selected by the Group to supply their services and goods.

At the present time, to guarantee the uniform and fair treatment of all applicants, a new supplier qualification process is being defined in order to identify the most suitable partners and reduce the risks for the Group and the community.
More specifically, the selection procedure will lead to a more accurate assessment through social responsibility criteria as part of a broader supplier accreditation process.

* The estimated figures refer to suppliers other than those involved in the claims management who are included in the following scope: Italy, Germany, France, CEE, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Europ Assistance, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Asia Regional Office