Understanding the risks

Information and insurance/financial literacy programmes have been implemented by the majority of Group companies, by issuing newsletters and information leaflets to clients and consumers to make it easier to understand the terminology related to the industry, main types of insurance cover, basic financial instruments and new regulations. The glossary and FAQ sections of the Group websites and apps for smartphones and tablets provide timely and up-to-date information on policies, the most common risks, financial matters and regulatory requirements in clear, understandable language. In addition, some companies have created dedicated microsites and online videos which, in a spirit of edutainment (education and entertainment), explain the benefits of insurance coverage in all lines of business and offer tips on how to safely deal with everyday life.

Advice on how to handle risk

In Germany, Generali collaborates with Deutscher Turnerbund, Germany's second largest sports association, and through their regular publication provides information and advice regarding sport and the associated risks. In 2015 CosmosDirekt published about 100 Versicherungstipps - tips and information on insurance and risk situations - through mass media. Moreover, thanks to the partnership with guteanfrage.net, CosmosDirekt is the only insurance company that provides answers and tips on specific insurance topics via live chat on its website, with a view to providing information and raising awareness. In Italy, a provocative and innovative campaign called GrabMe was launched to raise awareness of the risk involved in posting personal travel details on the information network. For four days, a video announced the launch of an app especially for thieves who, thanks to the information shared by the users themselves, are able to identify homes as potential targets for burglary. The video became a viral hit, with over 2.5 million impressions and 300 thousands views. Then the secret was revealed: 'Fortunately GrabMe does not exist, but the risk does!' A video by Generali Italia revealed the truth, redirecting viewers to gpins.it, a site which provides users with hints, tips and information on the subject of protection, to be shared with their own network.

The development of technology and the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets also allow us to offer awareness campaigns on driving style and road hazards by means of dedicated apps.

Safety in an app

In Spain we launched the Generali Driver app, which helps consumers assess and improve their driving style through gamification and the award of prizes and points based on drivers’ habits behind the wheel. In Italy, an app was redesigned and integrated in 2015, with a view to contributing to road safety. By inputting the route to be covered, the driver can view the level of danger and road traffic by means of an algorithm based on claims reported by Generali clients.