Knowing and interacting with our clients

In 2013, we launched the Customer Centricity project, conducting a number of preliminary surveys that allowed us to better understand consumer behaviour and the key factors that determine their preferences and influence their purchasing decisions. In 2014 we continued the survey, involving 20 thousand clients in 21 countries, to map their main behaviour and choice categories and to assess their awareness and appreciation of the Generali brand.

The results showed that it is necessary to meet a range of different needs, with specific attention on the hybrid customer category made up of consumers that use multiple channels of contact with insurance companies, also creating direct relations (through the web, social media, blogs), and whose final decisions are not only based on prices but also strongly influenced by the perceptions and opinions they form during the information gathering phase.

We have therefore established a new brand  positioning based on the concepts of simpler and smarter: a position based on our ability to design simple, easy to understand products that can be accessed using digital technology, and one which forms part of the DNA of all those that work for our Group.

Finally, we have established an active dialogue with our clients  using the NPS system and other survey methods (telephone questionnaires, focus groups etc.), a professional approach shared by all of our company departments. The feedback that we collect through the NPS system enables us to form a detailed understanding of the areas that need improving and to find solutions  that involve the internal departments to genuinely transform our working methods.

Understanding attitudinal buying segments of the 'hybrid' customer