An assistance that never ends

In the insurance cycle, claims management is a crucial phase: an efficient settlement process significantly affects both customer loyalty and technical profitability in the long term.

Common and shared claims management guidelines

In 2015 we implemented a simpler and smarter approach in all countries in which we operate, defining common guidelines for the claims management, i.e. the Group Claims Management Guidelines. This ensures a more uniform approach that facilitates the delivery of a quality service to our policyholders.

Thanks to the collaboration between personnel involved in claims settlement and top managers, we have defined a comprehensive document based on the following principles:

  • focus on the service provided to clients
  • independence, to avoid conflicts of interest between parties involved in the management of the claim and to make the process more effective and efficient
  • specialisation and skills of our people, through training and awareness programmes
  • cross-functional collaboration between different organisational areas in the interest of the client
  • automation and quality of data on claims, to obtain more accurate information enabling us to further streamline the processes.

Managing claims: client centricity in action

All our business units are actively committed to ensuring the highest quality of claims management. This is precisely the moment when our clients need it most and we can demonstrate that we really put them at the centre. To implement our client-centric vision and leverage the best local experience and best practices already in place, we have developed a Group programme to share the successful initiatives.

The Group Claims Experience Program has been developed along three main lines:

  • identify the critical moments in the stages following a claim through client feedback
  • define the procedure to be followed as the result of a claim
  • implement local solutions based on innovation.

We are implementing targeted solutions to boost customer care by providing distinctive services. In particular:

  • claims tracking systems that allow the client to follow the entire claims management process, including via mobile solutions
  • dedicated client services to simplify the remediation of the damage or physical recovery, such as removal and delivery of the vehicle involved in an accident, direct repair of damage to the home, and social reintegration in the event of serious personal injury
  • fast track processes for the accelerated settlement of small claims
  • specific services in the event of natural disasters, for example the timely presence of our claims adjusters in the affected areas and the prompt claims settlement.

Furthermore, we are constantly seeking to improve the quality of our claims management activities to avoid losses related to procedures, combat fraud and optimise our processes, also through innovation and forging effective relationships with our partners.

With regard to pension policies, we believe that helping our clients inform themselves will help them to make better choices. Most of our sales force use tools that allow them to assess the expected public pension amounts directly with the clients, and then calculate the necessary supplementary amount in order to maintain the required standard of living. These tools can also help to improve our clients' financial knowledge and the transparency of our offers.

Our life contracts rely on our ability to guarantee financial resources for our policyholders. In 2015, we paid out more than € 27.8 billion in maturity and surrender proceeds from savings and pension policies, and € 5.9 billion in death and accident claims.

Fast track

Fast trackIn Spain, clients have access to a dedicated area on our website where they can submit a claim relating to a vehicle, home, business activity or life insurance policy, or check a claim previously submitted and obtain a real time update on the ongoing process.
Clients can fill out an accident report, attach photos and other useful documents and add any information deemed relevant. All communication and updates on the progress of the process are provided via SMS and email using the contact  details provided by the client.

At the most difficult times

In the main countries in which we operate, such as Austria, France and Germany, we have developed Bodily Injury Alternative Settlement (BIAS), a process for those who have suffered serious injury as the result of an accident.

It is a human touch approach which aims to build and consolidate trust with our clients, developing an appropriate relationship between the claims adjuster and the injured party in order to share information between the parties involved. To this end, we work to promptly establish direct contact between the claims adjuster and the client’s legal representative.
The aim is to shorten the recovery time and improve the professional and personal life of the injured party.
The first group of 35 claims specialists from 16 countries participated in a dedicated training programme, developed in partnership with the Group Academy.

Rehabilitation for rapid social reintegration

In Austria, a specific rehabilitation service is provided to clients who have suffered serious injury or are affected by serious illness to ensure their effective recovery and rapid reintegration into employment. Services include the intervention of the best doctors and therapists, the extension of health care reimbursements to include holistic therapies and complementary medicine, consultations and information on different treatment approaches, management of files to organise qualified staff and admission to health care facilities, assistance in case of emergency and when travelling, support of a specialist during recovery for one year after the accident, and the assistanceof a coach for eight weeks to define a nutritional and sports programme.

No barriers against fraud

We are committed to combating any possible external fraud in the claims settlement phase, and we aim to develop best practices at an international level. So far every country in which we operate has followed specific standards to combat fraud and has implemented its own tools, processes and organisational models. In 2015 we therefore launched a Global Fraud Program involving 24 of our companies in different geographical areas and lines of business to ensure an effective global approach to combating fraud in claims management, raise awareness and create synergies.

In Italy, awareness campaigns to renew the effectiveness of measures to combat fraud and a new organisational and operating model were put in place. In Germany, a tool to detect fraud in property claims was implemented with success, while new technology aimed at improving fraud detection methods and a new operating model were launched in France, which also strengthened its methodology training and established specific teams to improve performance. Central and Eastern European countries did the same. In particular, the Czech Republic also adopted a new fraud management model and developed new fraud detection rules.

In Spain, a tool to support investigations on social networks was implemented, and data and predictive modelling analyses were developed. Finally, the companies in the South America were active with workshops and webinars on key topics, sharing their knowledge of new methodologies and innovative tools with the aim of creating global synergies.