Clients at the heart of our Group

In the next few years we plan to become the retail leader in Europe thanks to a simpler and smarter approach as regards our products and our multichannel strategy, basing everything on the thorough understanding of our clients.

We offer our insured people products and services to manage uncertainty about the future, by means of long-term relationships based on transparency and trust. Life insurance policies provide lump sums or annuities upon the occurrence of an event related to human life. P&C policies cover against the risk of a damaging event and the consequent economic loss. We also offer integrated solutions for businesses, covering the risks related to their business activities, employees and assets. We are bringing the client at the heart of all our business activities, enhancing the various stages of the customer experience, from the initial search for information, to after sales service, to contract renewal. Client satisfaction secures loyalty, which is more and more linked to the reputation of the insurance companies and the users’ ability to obtain information and to interact through digital channels.

In particular, we want to distinguish ourselves through:

  • the definition of multichannel contact points to satisfy requests for information with different types of relationships to suit the various stakeholders, developing the opportunities offered by digitization to provide simplified access to products and services
  • a comprehensive and appropriate advice during the various stages of the contractual relationship, to allow clients to make knowledgeable purchasing decisions that are consistent with their habits and lifestyle by offering flexible and easily accessible insurance solutions that anticipate and meet their needs
  • timely and high quality services aimed at solving the needs of clients, both at critical times and in the long term, constantly monitoring the processes to verify and identify areas for improvement.

A best-in-class customer experience ‘On a scale of 0 to 10, how much would you recommend Generali to family or friends?’

At the end of 2014, we launched the Group project, Transactional Net Promoter Score (T-NPS) - a transnational survey tool that allows us to receive timely feedback from clients regarding the service received. The initiative was launched in 14 business units to which a further 8 will be added in 2016 and is based on one fundamental question: how much, on a scale from 0 to 10, would the client recommend Generali to family or friends, stating the reasons why. As soon as the results are received, we intervene in a timely manner to respond to specific questions and provide any support required.
At the end of 2015, we received more than 158 thousands responses from clients and the survey represented an opportunity for a major cultural shift within our Group, encouraging analysis and listening. In fact, we have set ourselves the goal of calling dissatisfied clients within 48 hours to understand their needs and identify areas for improvement. To perform thi sactivity, we specifically trained 1,100 employees from different departments, as well as 600 managers who personally participated in the dialogue initiative, directly calling the clients. Direct contact with clients is a key opportunity to understand their needs and establish a transparent and collaborative relationship. The main requirements concerned: completeness of information regarding their insurance situation, clarity in communication, efficiency and timeliness in the claims management and settlement, and empathy in relationships.
Although the project is still in its early stages, we have received positive feedback and have already implemented 63 improvements involving various functional areas. In addition, we have added more than 80 quick wins to the customer experience, i.e. improvements that are quick and easy to implement.
In Spain, for example, in response to client demands, we created a new website that allows  clients to continuously monitor the progress of the management of a claim. In Germany, we focused on the need for simplification expressed by clients and we identified the most frequent communications sent. Specifically, we reviewed the texts of 50 communications, simplifying the language used and making the  content clearer, and we modified and redefined the model for reporting claims and access to the claims management app.

Cross-functional teams

Cross-functional teams