The environment, towards a low carbon society

We want to play an active role in supporting the transition towards a more sustainable economy and society. We will continue to monitor and reduce our direct impact and contribute to keeping global warming below 2°C through our products, services and investments, dialoguing and collaborating with Governments and associations, in line with the declarations in our Group Policy for the Environment and Climate.

For years we have managed our environmental impact in a consistent and structured way, a commitment reiterated on the occasion of the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) by the United Nations on climate change held in Paris in December 2015.

We feel obliged to act on various fronts: even if insurance activities do not have a great impact on the environment, because of the size of the Group we could substantially reduce our direct impact in an optimal manner. Furthermore, using suitable measures we can encourage the adoption of environmentally sustainable behaviour in our spheres of influence, particularly those of our clients, suppliers and the companies in which we invest, in order to reduce the indirect impact of our activities.

Direct impact

  • We want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020

Indirect impact

  • We incentivise our clients to adopt environmentally sustainable behaviour
  • We invest in a sustainable way
  • We incentivise virtuous behaviour in our supply chain

Public commitment

  • We invest in research and innovation
  • We dialogue and work with national and international institutions

21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) on climate change

Through Generali France, Generali was one of the official sponsors of COP21 and worked to promote the positive outcome of the Conference through continuous news and video content on its orporate websites, interviews, articles, conferences and public debates.

In particular, Generali France was one of the founding partners of Solutions COP21, a project that seeks to give visibility to innovative initiatives, products and services all over the world for combating climate change and its consequences. In January 2015 Solutions COP21 launched the Climate Solutions Hub, the first multi-stakeholder platform dedicated to climate solutions and, during the COP21 Conference, organised a free exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris where Generali had two spaces in which to provide information and involve the public also in the Generali Performance Globale project, a consultancy service that provides risk assessment, including environmental risk assessment, to SMEs. Generali also participated in various events, some of Creating value by protecting which were broadcast on the web TV channel. We have used our web channels to give visibility to the issues dealt with at COP21, publishing infographics and educational videos on the corporate website and on the French website, as well as a number of interviews with experts: Massimiliano Pasqui, climatologist of the CNR biometeorology institute, Renaud Prouveur, CEO of Spallian, Vincent-Henry Peuch, manager of Copernicus Atmosphere. The latter two spoke about the growing use of big data by insurance companies to understand, study and analyse environmental risk factors.
During COP21 Generali, in association with a group of experts, organised a series of conferences in the Grand Palais and La Bourget, including The consequences of climate change on insurance and Climate change and the impact on our health. This latter conference, attended by around 500 people, focused on the harmful effects on our health and the increase in deaths caused by illnesses connected with pollution, showing evidence of the impact of these factors on the entire insurance sector. The academics demonstrated the correlation between exposure to atmospheric pollution and the frequency of dementia and the increase in cognitive difficulties. La Caisse Centrale de Réassurance was the venue for the conference on The challenges presented to the insurance industry by natural disasters and the climate, which was attended by a senior figure at Generali France and moderated by a representative of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. Furthermore, during the week of the Conference we hosted numerous free meetings and conferences on climate change at our BeeoTop incubator.
Innovation as a driver
of change in the relations
with the community

Finally, to inform and raise the awareness of our employees on these issues, we published articles and news on the corporate intranets and put up posters at the French sites. We also published extensive in-depth content in Il Bollettino, the Generali Group in-house magazine, which presented an overview of climate change and its connections with other risk areas.