Community, creating value together

We play an active citizenship role, providing support with funds, expertise and other corporate resources to public and private organizations working in a social, cultural, environmental and sports context.

We operate locally but we are an international player, with a presence in over 60 countries, and our ambition is to also support far-reaching projects that target individual situations in each area and contribute to solving global problems. For example, we engage with initiatives in African countries affected by hunger and/or AIDS, or when catastrophic events occur, such as floods and earthquakes, we act by providing first aid and/or participating in the reconstruction of social infrastructure, such as schools and hospitals.

We divide our activities into two categories, according to their purpose:

  • philanthropic: donations of money or goods, accompanied by corporate volunteering, supporting non-profit organizations and/or institutions to provide a social service to the community
  • commercial: sponsorship of events and shows of high cultural and sporting value. These commercial initiatives are developed over time according to business and market requirements and present irregular patterns over the years.

We have established some intervention guidelines, which can be applied autonomously on a local basis. Some countries prefer to channel the resources allocated to the community into just one or a handful of far-reaching initiatives, or into a specific theme, while others share the funds among several different projects. In some cases, employees are involved in selecting the organizations that will receive the available resources.

In general we manage the activities directly, while in Austria, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Hungary we also work with specific local foundations that operate in accordance with their respective articles of association.

Support for initiatives and projects can be provided in different ways:

  • financial donations
  • donations of goods and services
  • donations of time: corporate volunteering.

Innovation as a driver
of change in the relations
with the community

Advocacy activities

In some cases, we provide our professional, organizational and management skills, we participate in discussion groups on issues of common interest with different national and international organizations, and we collaborate in the management of innovative and complex structures.

Our people for Nepal

Generali promptly supported people affected by the violent earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April 2015 with a matching donation project, in which it agreed to match the donations from its employees. In particular, a fundraising campaign was launched to all the Group employees with the proceeds going to the emergency fund of UNICEF, that was present on the site of the catastrophe. In Spain, to encourage employees to participate in the initiative, we enlisted the help of Jesús Calleja - a famous explorer who climbed to the summit of Mount Everest seven times and worked as a mountain guide in Nepal for 16 years. The money raised, amounting to € 250,000, was used to distribute 30 tons of materials, including tents, first aid and hygiene kits, water purification tablets, sanitation services, food and health care for children and mothers left without home. The Generali employees also confirmed their support to children in Nepal through UNICEF: the organization was chosen as the beneficiary for the usual Christmas donation. In this case it was decided to channel the funds into a project to create Temporary Learning Centres (TLC), where children can attend classes while they wait for their schools to be made safe or rebuilt. In addition to the building with sanitary facilities necessary to accommodate two classes, the TLC also provide the school supplies needed to carry out lessons and provide teacher training. The Generali's contribution will provide 9-10 TLC for 18-20 classes.